Photoshop Quick Tips File

Photoshop Quick Tips.jpg
Photoshop Quick Tips.jpg

Photoshop Quick Tips File


At almost every workshop and seminar that I give I have been urged to create a file listing my top 10 Photoshop Tips. I decided to do a series of Photoshop Quick Tip Files starting off slow with some of my basic steps that I use almost daily.


Cloning on a Layer/aka Protect and Defend

Surface Blur for Noise Reduction

Inverse Layer Mask

Creating Your Own Brush from an Image

Remove the Blue From a Shadow

Applying a Contrast Mask

Adding Canvas with Content Aware

Photoshop’s Non Destructive Dodge and Burn

Brush Tool Quick Tips

Changing Out a Sky

*Bonus- Nik's 50-50 Tonal Contrast & Detail Extractor Recipe: