Photoshop Quick Tips File -II

Photoshop Quick Tips II.jpg
Photoshop Quick Tips II.jpg

Photoshop Quick Tips File -II


At almost every workshop and seminar that I give I have been urged to create a file listing my top 10 Photoshop Tips. I decided to do a series of Photoshop Quick Tip Files starting off slow with some of my basic steps that I use almost daily.


Jpeg Sharpening Tips

Adding a Texture to an Image in Photoshop

My Urbex Recipe in Color Efex Pro 4

How To Straighten A Crooked Structure Easily

Removing Halos

Removing Chromatic Aberration, aka “color fringing” in Photoshop

Selective Color Tips

Quick Color Cast Removal

Sloppy Photoshop Quick Check

Motion Blur Clean Up

*Bonus -How to Capture HDR Images- (High Dynamic Range)