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“Lion Cub”

Photo of the Month - January 2019

This image was captured in the Maasai Mara in Kenya. The Lion pride was spread out with two cubs pestering mom while she tried desperately to sleep. Her patience and dedication is something I will always remember. This cub was one of the most rambunctious and caught my eye.

“Winter White at Bosque”

Photo of the Month - December 2018

I created this image of Snow Geese blasting-off from a farm field in Bosque del Apache, using a slow shutter speed. I have been visiting this area in New Mexico for many years. My love for birds and blurs came together in this wintery-white image. The soft flowing wings filled the air and then my frame. White has always been one of my favorite colors with the cream-like shades of winter being my absolute favorite.


Photo of the Month - November 2018

This image was captured at Lake Kussharo. Whooper swans return to Lake Kussharo every winter as if it were an ancient ritual. It is located in Akan National Park, eastern Hokkaidō, Japan. During this time, the lake freezes in the center, however because there are geothermal springs along the sandy beach a lot of the shore area doesn’t freeze making it a winter wonderland for the swans. I photographed this scene in the early morning. Deep snow covered most of the ground, making it difficult to reach my set up area. Although I’ve been to this location several times, this is by far one of my favorite scenes