Kenya - September 21- October 1, 2020--Deposit

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Kenya - September 21- October 1, 2020--Deposit


Kenya, Maasai Mara ~ African Safari
September 21- October 1, 2020
/ 10 Nights
Limit: 7 photographers

We will have a private flight charter so that all of our camera bags can be carried onboard. . This photo tour will be an amazing adventure with the very best guides and photographic opportunities.



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Unlike many other game parks in Africa and around the world, we do not face restrictions on when we can leave and return to the camp. Even more important is that for the most part, we can drive off-road in the area of the Mara that we are staying in. So we will not have to put up with the excruciating frustration of having to remain on-road when e.g. a Cheetah, Lion or Leopard is in hunting mode 200m away and we can only see small dots through our longest lenses.

The plan for most mornings is to get up at 5.15-5.30am, have a quick coffee/tea/cookie and then leave the camp by 5.45-6.00am with a packed breakfast and lunch. It is critical that we leave before sunrise to locate the animals that we want to photograph before the sun comes up. Many of the cats are most active in the very early morning. Usually we will try to locate the cats that we have been with the previous evening. Often though, we will chance on wildlife encounters and stick with these. The guides have radios in all the vehicles such that on occasion, we may split up. Our guides are in radio contact with drivers from other camps and lodges. This gives us a good chance to get to wildlife encounters quickly assuming they are occurring near to our existing location.


We will use 3 stretch/modified Toyota Land Cruisers. There will be three rows of seats in each vehicle so that each person has a row to themselves. That way everyone can shoot unencumbered irrespective of what side of the vehicle the action is taking place.

The vehicles are designed so that you can shoot out of the sides or standing, out of the top. The top of the vehicles have two roof hatches which we remove at the start of each day (they rest on the top of the vehicles next to the openings such that they can put back on if it rains or if we need shade.

The side of the vehicles comprise either large roll down windows or roll up, transparent canvass sides. Again, we roll these canvass side up before we go out each day but if it rains, they can quickly be rolled down.

*A detailed information sheet will be sent upon sign up.

Deposit Information:
A non-refundable deposit of $3,000 due now to hold your spot. Final payments are due November 30, 2019 via check or wire transfer only, fees on both ends are the responsibility of the participant. Credit cards will not be accepted for any payment other than deposit. Full payments are always welcomed via check or wire transfer . All checks made payable to: Denise Ippolito LLC.

Please be sure to check your calendar carefully and to check out my Workshop Policy Page.

Note: Purchasing travel insurance is strongly recommended.

*A single supplement is available for $1200.00 additional