Nature FIRST…

Through my photography, I hope to broaden awareness and inspire others to share my love for animals, our planet and its resources.


I am a full time award winning professional photographer, workshop leader, and artist living in New Jersey. I travel extensively presenting slide lectures and seminars and teaching photography and Photoshop. My workshops feature a variety of subjects including: avian, flower, landscape and creative photography.

In 2017 my image titled, Snow Globe was selected as the First Place "Winged Life" category winner for the BigPicture: Natural World Photography Competition. My image of a Moseley's Rockhopper Penguin was selected as the "Birds" Category Winner in the prestigious Nature's Best 2016 Windland Smith Rice International Awards Competition. In 2015 I also won the Category for "Art in Nature" in the same Nature's Best Competition.

In 2010 and again in 2014, I received a Highly Honored award in the prestigious Windland Smith Rice Nature's Best competition. Also in 2014 one of my images was selected as part of the People's Choice Awards Top 50 Images in the Wildlife Photographer of the Year Competition. I’ve been published in the Wall Street Journal, featured in a Sierra Club Documentary for the preservation of the Florida Everglades and most recently, I have appeared in an episode of Xploration Awesome Planet for Fox 5 television.


When I think about my life and how my art has been a guiding force in my life’s decisions I realize how important it is and has been to me through the years. I can’t catch my breath sometimes when I get excited about a project. I refer to my next art piece as a project because so much of me goes into each piece, whether it is a photo or a painting or nowadays a digital painting. It’s difficult and easy at the same time. I see beauty around me and I am pulled in, all senses are engaged, I’m engrossed, absorbed, preoccupied. Sometimes these projects spill out from my pores and other times, I struggle to get what is in my head out to the world. I know that it needs to get out; sometimes it takes a lot of work to convey my thoughts clearly. I won’t rest until it is right. I won’t rest until I believe that you are with me in each image; feeling the air, smelling the flowers, walking in the soft sand, hearing the birds. I can’t stop until l have infused my projects with beauty and emotion and a little bit of me. The draw is so strong for me to get it on paper that I can’t sleep or think until it is complete. I walk around contained in my own thoughts not allowing outside words to seep in as I focus solely on my next project.

But I can’t leave it there, I have a passion for teaching. This is also a part of my art; to guide others along a path to find their unique artistic sight. I love to share who I am and how I see the world, whether it is in the field or in a classroom. My goal is to provide a space where anyone can dream, create and achieve.


Having two category winning images hang in the Smithsonian is certainly a highlight in my career.

Having two category winning images hang in the Smithsonian is certainly a highlight in my career.