Art is an expression, a feeling, a liberation, a vision. It has a heartbeat of its own that lives inside of you. It is something that you take everywhere you go. I am not talking about the education of art. I am talking about the soul that cannot rest until its vision is complete. A passion that takes over to pursue a dream or a whim. The beginning with no end in mind, the start of something fresh, an idea, a thought, an impression, a faint notion, an awakening…
— The Art of Photography- denise ippolito 2013

Visual Expressions, Slide Program/Lecture

Many times, as photographers, we arrive at a location that is stunningly beautiful. We then scour the scene looking for a shot that will reflect the beauty that we see in front of us. Often times we will not be able to create an epic shot even when the view is utterly fantastic. Just because a vista is stunningly beautiful does not mean that it will make a great photograph. Part of that problem is, we are feeling the beauty as much as we are seeing it- and that is where most folks get into trouble. They are not able to visually express what they are experiencing…

Adventures in Nature Travel, Slide Program/Lecture

Travel around the world with me during this one hour adventure filled lecture/slide program which will include a variety of images from the Galapagos, South Georgia and the Falkland Islands, Japan, Torres del Paine in Chile, Greece, Alaska, Florida, Bosque del Apache New Mexico, Camargue France, Iceland, Keukenhof in Holland and more... This slide program is for nature lovers and contains a lot of bird photography. I will share some of my photography tips and techniques as well as some of my experiences at each location.

Bloomin' Ideas Slide Program/Lecture

My one hour slide program/lecture "Bloomin' Ideas" will cover the in-camera techniques that I use to capture beautiful flower images: composition, depth-of-field and selective focus, the use of extension tubes and reflectors, and the use of natural light. You will learn to create impressionistic flower blurs by using your camera as your paintbrush. I will also go into detail explaining my creative processing and multiple filtering effects that I use on a daily basis. You will be inspired to step out of the box and develop your creative vision and your own original works of art. If you love to photograph flowers this program is for you.

A Blend of Art and Nature Slide Program/Lecture

My one hour slide show “A Blend of Art and Nature” will explore the combination of art and nature. My artistic bird photographs and creative filter designs will inspire you to step out of the box of conformity. I will share some of my pleasing blur images along with some of my tack sharp flight shots. A visual experience of photographs from local hot spots to images from around the country. This slide show will have something for everyone.

Creative Blurs Slide Program/Lecture

This one hour slide show/lecture covers all the techniques that I use to create my pleasingly blurred flower and bird images. This presentation is based on my newest eBook "A Guide to Creative Blurs". Many factors determine the degree of blur and those will all be covered in-depth during this program. Learn how to capture bird blast-offs and impressionistic flower images. I also have a segment on Multiple Exposure Blurs included in the slide show.

*To book an event for your club or group please
contact me for more information. All programs can be tailored.




January 4-8 Death Valley

January 10-14 Death Valley-Group 2

January 26-31 ~ Greece

Japan- February 9-22

Norway March 1-8

March 19-25 Charleston

Private -March, 25-29

May 2nd Olympic Peaks Camera Club

May 1-10-ONP scouting trip

May 18-29- Patagonia

June 2-6 Palouse

June 15-22 -UK Puffins

June 22-29th, Group 2 - UK Puffins

July 7-12 - Coastal Brown Bear Cubs in Kodiak Alaska

August 18- Girls Who Click, NJ

August 25-30 Texas-private

Sept 9-13 - Swan Island Dahlia

Sept 21-Oct 1 -Kenya

October 10th South Jersey Camera Club

Oct 17th-Lehigh Valley Photo Club

November 12- Garden Club Boonton Township, NJ

November 20- December 2 - Fujian, China Photo Tour

Dec 7-11 - Bosque del Apache NM


January 3-8 Death Valley

January 9-14 private Death Valley

January 15-24 -private

February 11-23 -Japan

March 9-20th- Tanzania

March 25-28 Charleston

March 30-31 Kiawah club presentation & workshop

April 19- May 3-Namibia

May 12-25 - Vietnam

June 1-5 Palouse

June 8-12 Olympic Peninsula

June 26-July 3 UK Puffins

July 8-15 - Camargue Horses, France

July 23 – 30 - St Paul Alaska/Tufted Puffin

Sept. 21- Oct. 1- Kenya

October 17th-Canada Program/ Seminar

December-Bosque TBA


January 1-23 -Falklands 3 weeks

March 1-8 Norway

March 16-26 Tanzania-TBA

May 4-9th Venice & Burano-TBA

May 18-25th- Patagonia

June 4-11 -Polar Bears Svalbard-TBA

June 24- July 1st- Camargue Horses, France

July 15-22 St. Paul Alaska

August 9-13 Palouse Harvest-TBA

Sept. 21 – Oct 1 - Kenya

Nov 2-12-Mara (3-9) & Ambosselli- TBA

Dec 6- 13 Falklands-private


Jan. 4-12th -Yellowstone in Winter-exact dates not verified, 8 nights

Jan 26-31-Greece

Nov 26- Dec 10 - Falklands TBA

It is important to allow yourself to fail without fear; only then, can you create freely...
— denise ippolito