unsolicited Workshop Testimonials

Thank you so much for a wonderful workshop this morning, you were just fantastic. I've got some wonderful pictures (and am seriously contemplating a 500mm lens. I'm going to see if I can talk my husband into your July workshop (if there are any openings left) or you may just see me again there, I learned an incredible amount along with taking some great images and good company.

Best regards,

Hali Sowle

Hi Denise,

First of all, I want to thank you both so much for such a terrific workshop yesterday morning at Nickerson Beach. What a wonderful experience and I learned so much from both of you. I am going through my images this morning and I have so many shots that I just love. It was a great time and you are both superb instructors. I really liked your teaching style and you are both so approachable that I never felt uncomfortable or stupid asking questions.

Secondly, I would like to sign up for the next workshop at Nickerson beach at the end of July. I think you said it was July 24, but I am not sure. Let me know if you still have openings and I will send you the deposit.

Thanks again & best regards,

Betty Wiley


Thank you for a wonderful 5 days at the Swan Lake Dahlia Garden. I learned so much and now I am ready to have more fun looking closely at the images. You are a talented photographer and also have a superb style in teaching. What a great combination!

Muriel McClellan


Thanks for the extraordinary workshop! I loved every minute. You're the best.

Felice Willat

Thanks Denise,

It was a great shoot. I really appreciate your leadership, composition tips, post-processing advice, guidance on specific locations to shoot within the prison, and management of the group. Kudos! I will be continue to learn from you by referring to your blog and galleries. Again, many thanks for guiding us at ESP!


Hi Denise,

I was on the Ft Myers IPT and you were very patient helping me with my camera settings. You have a gift.

I know people that are very knowledgeable but can't explain things and don't have the patience.

Take care, Brent Bridges

Hi Denise,

I wanted to thank you for your expert help at the William's Nursery Macro class. Your site is amazing b. t. w.... your photography is pure art. I have no expectations of ever taking pro quality bird images but I sure enjoy the hobby aspect for myself. I realized that I was afraid of the camera before I took the class, I've got over some of that fear now so thanks again!

Linda Federico

Denise - I think I am going to buy a yearly pass to Longwood Gardens after the workshop yesterday. It really opened my eyes that I can do this stuff. You did a great job together.

Steve Berkowitz

Chris and I wanted to thank you for a wonderful morning at

Nickerson Beach. We picked up some pointers.

Thanks again for a wonderful class experience yesterday.

Wayne and Chris Kliewer

Just wanted to thank you for organizing a fun and informative workshop. We had a very nice group of people and I think everyone had to walk away with something.

Please sign me up for the morning workshop at Longwood Gardens. I look forward to joining the group.

Mike Lotito

I would not have missed the workshop for anything. You did a great job. You both have a nice style and complement each other nicely. I did get a number of images I like and I got a lot out of the morning.

Carole Wiley

Hi Denise,

Wow, you get such a special thank you. I am sure I have never taken any class where someone checked in with me and set me on the right course as often as you. Amazing and super appreciated. I hope you had a good a time as I did.


Denise – Thanks for the great workshop and all the help. I have sent you a friend request. I hope we meet again – maybe at Longwood or Eastern State Pen or ? Nickerson Beach will definitely be on the list of favorite places.


Good morning Denise,

Just want to say thank you for all the hard work that you put in at Nickerson Beach. From your great presentation (love your artistic approach) on Tuesday nite until the farewells on Friday, you were fantastic. I have been shooting a lot of landscapes this year and had become sloppy in my approach to bird photography....you have gotten me tuned up (translated...kicked my butt) again and i feel much better about my readiness for my trip to Africa on Friday.

I am looking forward to joining you on some of your other workshops in the near future.

Wishing you well as you ramp up your career... I know it will be a successful one.


Hi Denise--Just want to thank you for an enjoyable workshop at Longwood. I want to thank you, in particular, for your patient coaching with Becky. She enjoyed your instruction and is well on her way to mastering the mysteries of f/stops, DOF, ISO, etc. Please email me with any future workshops of yours.

Phil Witt

Denise, Awesome images as usual! You are such a gifted photographer and teacher! I am so glad that I made the Swan Island Workshop. I learned a ton and came home with so many images that I love. I look forward to continue to learn from you!

Susan Dimock

Denise, I really loved the workshop and got a lot out of it. You are a great leader/teacher. I like the way you are always checking everyone to see that we are still engaged and on topic. I learned a lot from you. Will never take a photo of a flower again without thinking of you and how you would approach it.

Thanks again, Joe Barranco

Hi Denise,

Your HDR presentation at the Ocean county Camera Club this past Monday was excellent. You have convinced me to take a second look at HDR as a very positive tool.

Thanks. Roger Friend


I appreciate the attention that you devoted to the group. Very helpful morning.



Thanks for a great time Saturday. It was much more than I expected. Already using Lightroom and PS tricks. Look forward to shooting again with you soon.

Terrific day!


Hi Denise,

Thanks for yesterday. I had a wonderful time. The Purple Sandpipers were an extra treat.

Just wanted to send a quick note of thanks.


Hi Denise,

Thank you for a wonderful set of workshops! The images from the workshop tell the story – we had a terrific time! The GRIPS camera club members who participated in the workshops were impressed with your enthusiasm, expertise and your willingness to share your knowledge and techniques. All agreed that it was time well spent. You showed real professionalism when the venue unexpectedly changed at the last minute and required a whole new approach. Kudos to you for making it a success!

Lynn F

Hi Denise,

Thank you so much for all your teaching and guidance and friendship over

the last couple of weeks! I really enjoyed getting to know you better, and

learned a lot from you. I now have the books to peruse, and Topaz and

Fractalius to play with.

Thanks for everything!


Dear Denise,

What an excellent workshop—well organized and run.

Betsey Henkel

Hi Denise,

The only thing I can say is, thank you for being an inspiration. You are not only a great teacher but a wonderful person who really cares about teaching. Florida was a great experience with you and above all I learned from you, Patience :) Thank you so very much, see you in Galapagos!

Love and regards,

Gaurav Mittal

Hi Denise,

I have to tell you I really enjoyed your presentation tonight at the Orlando Camera Club. Your work is absolutely stunning and very diverse!

I am one of your newest admirers and look forward to seeing more of your work.

Best regards,

George Crudo, Orlando Camera Club

From one of the participants at the Garden Club of America's Photography Study Group Seminar which was held in Sarasota Florida. Denise was a great instructor and great person. I learned so much from her. I hope I can take another workshop from her. And I love her photography!

Thanks Denise,

Eloise Carson


Thanks for all of your coaching and assistance last week. You definitely made the trip better and added to the experience. I look forward to being with you in Homer.



Thank you so much Denise. It was a pleasure meeting you. The workshops and seminar were fantastic and I know that the attendees learned a lot and really enjoyed themselves (myself included). It's always nice to meet someone you've been "friends" with online and then discover they're even nicer in person.

Edith Itzcovici-Levy

Dear Denise,

Had meant to e-mail you after the Long Island workshop but things got really busy as soon as I got back. The holidays have given me some chance to catch up. Many thanks for the advise and instruction during the trip - it truly was very helpful and appreciated. I did purchase the blur guide and am anxious to start trying some blurs (many of my photos are already unintentional blurs so I figure it won't be too hard). Best wishes for the very best New Year.


Hi Denise,

I had such a wonderful time last week at Bosque and just wanted to thank you for all your help. I learned so much and had such a great time, It was a real hoot!! We had such a good group and an even better group of leaders, so willing to share their knowledge and help out at all times. The photography was spectacular but the people really made this trip special for me. I've always been pretty straight forward in my photography, but your creative influence has really got me thinking about new and different roads to follow and for that I'm forever grateful. I hope your future is bright and successful and I look forward to seeing and working with you again. All the best in the upcoming holiday season, take care.


Hi Denise,

It was a wonderful workshop and I came back with many keepers. You got my creative juices going, so I made a folder in my gallery just for you.

Debby L.


Thanks so much for the Blurry day at Bosque and for a good dinner. I enjoyed myself and obtained some good ideas.

Thanks and hope to meet again,


Hi Denise,

I had a great time. Learned a lot, including patience and persistence. You are an excellent teacher. Thanks. Will get to my pix tomorrow.

Roger F.

Hello friend! I just wrote a short note to Art to let him know that my first IPT was a great adventure! I enjoyed your insights and ideas, and truly grew more confident in my knowledge of the tools that are available. It’s one of those things that you want to have as a “do-over”. I wish I was better at the beginning, but that’s why there are more beginnings. The photo’s that you posted from the week are exceptional. Thanks for the introduction to blurs, and know that I wish you well!

Thanks again, Deb Keller

Hi, Denise! Nickerson was oodles of fun and a great learning experience. You are not only a very talented photographer and artist, but a truly nice person and fun to be with.

Be well,

John H.

Dear Denise,

It was a great pleasure to meet you in Bosque as I mentioned I love your creative images and indeed photo’s reflect the photographer, you are very nice too!

Hopefully you had a nice Blurry day in Bosque, a pitty I had to go back home, but I will enjoy the pictures on your website soon,

best wishes,


Hi Denise! It was so fun to meet you this week and I learned tons and tons! I am excited to get back out and practice some more. Maybe I will see you again if you come back to Portland to see the iris gardens! Be sure to let me know!

Thank you again,

Carol Gary

Hi there Denise.

You are on the leading edge of trendy!! Your workshop was refreshing. A welcome addition to the BAA line-up.

Keep in touch.


Hi Denise, Thanks for a great workshop. I had a terrific time and learned a lot under your teaching and organization. I have a lot of photos I am happy with. I wish I could take a class with you more often . I would really like to learn some of your photoshop techniques with the filters and papers. I have your books, but there is nothing like seeing it in person. Thanks so much.



I had a lot of fun during the workshop. I learned so much from it, and I think I actually got a few good captures. One of the best parts, however, was viewing your slide show. I especially liked the image of a skimmer doing its thing on glassy water: WOW, talk about setting the bar high!! I bet you keep that location a well-guarded secret. J It was also cool to witness the pride you expressed about your work at the end of the slide show, telling us how many countless hours you’ve spent out in the field to capture images like that. You can’t buy experience and you can’t fake effort or desire or sheer force of will. That passion is a key component of what makes you so good and it’s cool as well as inspiring when you let it come through.

John Haedo


I would like to say to you also that it was a pleasure spending time with you during the trip. And thanks for all the tips on composition in the field and Photoshop. I can tell you that I now am very aware of the background for a picture, as I realize that if there's a tree right behind the bird's head, it's not a good picture. Believe it or not, I didn't even see the background before, and your advice has made a big improvement in my technique.

Michael Yessik

Hi Denise,

I enjoyed the workshop tremendously & learned much.

Larry Tawa

Hi Denise,

I just wanted to thank you for an enjoyable time yesterday at Longwood Gardens. I appreciate the insight you provided and the opportunity to shoot with you. I love the fact that you have so much energy and enthusiasm for photography. . . A kindred spirit! If you happen to be in my area of NJ or if you want to shoot in NYC some time, let me know and I'll be happy to join you. I hope to see you again soon. Oh, and hopefully I'll get to process my images in the near future.

Noreen B.

This week I actually had to chance to practice what I had learned at the weekend seminar in Tampa/Brandon. You have no idea how much I learned…but more importantly, how much I was inspired, during those two days…I genuinely can’t thank you two enough! Thanks much!

Best regards,

Greg Clarkson

Thank you so much Denise, it was wonderful to be on the workshop with you again, you are a great mentor, and photographer and just plain fun to be around, you definitely made it a great weekend.

H. Sowle


I'm now so motivated to get back out and do more shooting! Thank you for such a wonderful workshop and especially for taking the time to help me become a better and more creative photographer. Hope to see you again soon!

Anne Harlan

Hi Denise,

Just wanted to let you know I really enjoyed the shoot and workshop Saturday night. Being my first ever workshop I did not really know what to expect. Both you and Scott were very helpful and I learned several new things, especially with regards to night photography. I am considering joining your Christmas Longwood Gardens workshop, if our schedule works out. I especially appreciate how both of you were so friendly to my wife Dorothy, making her feel included, when she really was not a part of the workshop. She is the biggest fan of my photography and it always helps me to have her along on my trips.

Take Care,

Ken K.

Denise, I so enjoyed your energy information and admired the most amazing photography..... I got a lot out of your presentation and it left me with wanting more..... The most important message of all was that you were willing to share and teach everything you have learned. That was huge for me. Thank you for all you do in improving the artist in us all. YOU ROCK!!! ?

Jackie Miller Brady

Denise, thank you so much for an amazing presentation! Your commentary and visuals were fabulous!

Fiona Keyes

Hi Denise,

It was great meeting you and a really nice group of fellow students. I also learned a few tricks to keep me thinking, and plan to return to Weehawken for a sunrise or moonrise in the near future.

Thanks for an excellent and fun workshop.

Debby L.


Thank you so much for another great workshop at Nickerson. I entered one of my shots titled "Early Breakfast" in the Art in Nature Contest at the Wardmuseum.org. I won first place in the Bird category. Nice to see that the judges recognize creative and new techniques. I've tried to win the bird category for three years. The best I ever did was third with a Piping Plover chick. This was very special for me. Denise thank you for sharing your creative vision with us and Artie for pounding it into my head. On Friday July 26th, I stayed all day and worked on pleasing blurs. I have another 500 plus winners I am sorting through. No photoshop was used (except for cropping) just the IPT technique you shared with us.Pretty cool! Wahooo!

Kind regards,

Timothy L. Thompson


Thank you for the EXCELLENT, dynamic presentation you made last night at the Chester County Camera Club. You provided a LOT of useful information. You inspired me to experiment more. An especially big THANK YOU for being a creative, innovative, energized and happy photographer, who shares her tips and joys.


Hi Denise,

I’d just like to thank you again for your all the help you gave me on the IPT. You understood when I was struggling. Thank you for demonstrating your Mongoose head and a very big thank you for lending me your Skimmer pod – it opened my eyes to low level photographing (my Snowy Plover photos are amazing!!). I will definitely buy a new tripod without a centre column, so I can set up really low, or I might even buy a Skimmer ground pod, which was the one that you recommended me to get? And also for showing me, and Geoff, some basic techniques within Photoshop, particularly with using layers. I’m still sorting through my photos and am hoping I’ll remember your instructions when I get to process them! If I don’t, hopefully, Geoff will be able to interpret his scribbled notes! Many thanks again, and maybe we’ll catch up with you sometime.

Cheers and thanks,


Hi Denise,

I can only begin by saying Thank You!!! What a wonderful opportunity you provided all of us with this mornings workshop. The high point for sure was meeting you and seeing Artie again, it has kept me smiling ever since. The site was spectacular!!! I am very grateful for this morning, for your time, knowledge and eagerness to teach and share. We are lucky to have had time with both of you and i feel new inspiration after our 'play time' in the field! The site was wonderful and even the morning fog added that unpredictable light element….got some interesting shots as the sun broke through. I look forward to shooting again with you and discovering another venue that holds new images to capture. I've been busy processing the images….more to learn there…and yes, perusing the B&H site for a 5D mark lll!!! Oh boy!!

Thank you very much….today was bliss….pure bliss.

My best,



Just wanted to thank you for an excellent workshop last Sunday. I thought the Graffiti Underground - Mugsy's - Eastern State Penitentiary mix made for a perfect day of shooting. And thanks for the excellent composition and exposure tips - I've already seen some improvements in my ability to "see the shot".

Thanks again - looking forward to my next workshop adventure.


Hi Denise,

I wanted to thank you for an amazing day of learning and fun. Your workshop was truly inspirational and fun. I will certainly be scheduling another one with you.

Debra Miller


I really enjoyed the session especially the practical aspect of working with you at the Jetty --- the on-going tips and guidelines you provided for composing, analyzing as you go, using the histogram and watching the blinkies will be invaluable and change my approach ---- the hands-on with you there is so much more valuable than reading about techniques or just hearing about the techniques … all in all it was a great time ….

Terry D.

Hello Denise,

I am still telling "photo friends" about your amazing work as presented at the MLCC earlier this month. I am so glad to have met you and hope MLCC will be featuring a Photoshop workshop by you, as I will definitely be attending! Viewing your photography is like an escape into a perfect world!



Thanks for a wonderful day!

Because of that day I have a renewed interest in Nature Photography. Thanks!

Hope to see you out there.


Thanks for a GREAT workshop, Denise. The mill was a fabulous photographic adventure. I’m loading more than 600 images on my iMac right now —

Lori D.


Thank you for a wonderful Saturday afternoon. Again, I totally loved every minute. Still going through all the photos. Thank you again and again. It was really fun and I learned a lot.



Thank you for the two days of great photography and lessons.

Jon Saperia


I had a blast. I learned some new techniques and went manual and I was actually comfortable doing so. It’s something I rarely do.

Thanks for a great workshop.

Tom Snyder

Dear Denise,

Thank you so much for your fabulous presentation(s) in Sarasota for the GCAPSG group. You were the shining star and everyone got such value out of your program, expertise and willingness to be helpful.

Jane Rogers

Hi Denise,

Jeanne and I thoroughly enjoyed last night's presentation at the Lehigh Valley Camera Club. Not only did you present wonderful images but the stories and the post-processing behind them made the talk all the more entertaining and informative.

Don S.

Hi Denise,

Thanks for coming to the Lehigh Valley Photo Club last night. Your ornithology images are spectacular. I was so much reminded of John James Audubon's Folio paintings. The light colored backgrounds you use make the birds really stand out. It was a pleasure listening to your enthusiasm as well as a feast for the eye looking at your gorgeous images.


Hi Denise,

Your HDR presentation at the Ocean county Camera Club this past Monday was excellent. You have convinced me to take a second look at

HDR as a very positive tool.


R. F.


First of all I want to thank you for all your help and encouragement. I had a wonderful time and loved working with you. I can't believe how organized you are and already have images on your blog. They all look fabulous. It was a treat meeting you and working with you. I look forward to getting together again.


Dear Denise,

I apologize for not getting a chance to say thank you for the wonderful workshop at the mill on Saturday and Sunday. It was amazing!! I had the greatest time and met some really nice people. You are a wonderful host and facilitator. Please be sure to include me on your future outings.

See you along the way.

Warmest regards,

Tony Monaco

Hi there Denise! Just wanted to say I really enjoyed the sunflower workshop today and wanted to thank you again for all your help & expertise. Looking forward to another "photo adventure" soon!

Best, Ginger White

Hi Denise,

It was a GREAT workshop! You did a fantastic job. I really enjoyed it. Thanks so much for all your hard work and effort. The location is beyond awesome!!!

Kate Ryan


I just wanted to say on behalf of the Board and myself thank you for coming to our club and doing such an awesome presentation. I have heard many great comments from the members about how much they enjoyed your presentation and seeing your stunning images. It is speakers like yourself that have helped make our club a great place to learn and become better photographers. Hope you made it back last night! Please let me know if you are ever back in Orlando and we can get a group together for dinner!

Best to you,

Katrina H. Guensch-Bennett

Denise, we had a fantastic time. We learned a lot and got lots of good shots. Can't wait to do another workshop with you. Looking forward to Barnegat.

Thanks again, Dave & Eli

Dear Denise,

Thank you so, so much for such a marvelous presentation and sharing your skill and gift with all of us last night. Your photography is just exquisite and so inspiring. Anyway, we all truly loved your time with us, your energy and your spirit.

Thank you again,

Kitty Kono

Main Line Camera Club


I had so much fun and learned sooo much from you guys it should have been illegal. I wanna go back, pitch a tent on the beach and stay there awhile!



This was one of the most enjoyable and productive trips we've had. Great to see your business doing well, couldn't happen to a nicer person. This doesn't say enough, but you've probably noticed I'm not very loquacious.



Hi Denise,

Thank you sooo much for your enlightening, inspirational and informative presentation last Monday. We all enjoyed your presentation and your easy approach to all the items covered. Very easy to follow and understand. You clarified many issues that we have been dealing with so now we can go out and try them. I especially appreciated the artistic approaches that can be used on all our photos.

Thanks From the Lansdale Camera Club Members

Canon Everglades Workshop

Denise Ippolito was a huge help. We dealt with pretty much every imaginable problem in a span of four hours. As always, the folks that stayed close to Denise and to me and asked lots of questions learned the most. It was Denise who actually led most of the group into the field well before sunrise while I stayed behind dealing with a variety of tripod, tripod head, and plate issues.

Thanks for you help. The folks loved you and I would have been dead in the water without you there.

Art Morris


I am late thanking you but, I want to thank you for making our 2011 Spring Foto Fun day such a success. Everyone there really enjoyed having you be part of our special day. We've never had a speaker who enveloped the day from the beginning to the end, from being one of our judges, interacting with attendees, providing a wonderful program, and providing door prizes and bringing handouts etc. And thank you for my bag of goodies...that was very thoughtful of you. Please keep us abreast of your successes in the coming years and I hope to catch up with seeing you at one of your programs.

Ken Sichel

President, DVCCC

Our speaker, Denise Ippolito was delightful, entertaining, engaging and very informative. She showed a collection of incredible bird photographs and explained her secrets for capturing such amazing images, including – ‘be on the scene first’ to get the best shots. She also showed a number of images which were manipulated in a Photoshop plugin called Fractalius. It creates unusual, eccentric artworks in a single step. The effects are based on extraction of so-called hidden fractal texture of an image. With it, you can also simulate various types of exotic lightings and high realistic pencil sketches. Everyone in attendance was mesmerized by Denise’s work. Check out Denise’s website for blogs, workshops and to download her amazing e-book tutorials.

Main Camera Club Blog


I’m a member of the Ocean County Camera Club and attended your presentation Monday evening. I couldn’t stay after the meeting so I decided to drop you an email to tell you how wonderful your presentation was. In my opinion is was the best presentation we’ve had at the club in the few years I’ve been a member. It was informative, interesting, and presented in a very friendly manner.


Hi Denise,

It was great, I loved it! Thank you! I was so caught up in taking the photos the time evaporated. I got so many great shots. Definitely I'd like to go back, I have to see if that weekend in August is going to be a conflict in terms of other travel. Thanks again, you ran a nice workshop!


Hi Denise,

I am surely the one to be offering a thank-you for this past week-end! I thoroughly enjoyed the experience and only occasionally felt the cold as you did prepare us well and once engaged in a photoshoot, there is no pain. I am very pleased with my shots and have just ordered your video on creative multiple exposures. I will be interested in further meet-ups with you, hopefully up here in Canada.

Cheers from an admirer,

Sandra R.


I can't tell you how much I not only enjoyed, but learned at your presentation … I'm looking forward to working with you some day when the weather gets nicer … your photos were great and your presentation was second to none … thanks again …


Hi Denise,

Thank you so much for all your help and inspiration during the Lonaconing Workshop. You made the experience very informational, creative, and fun! I hope to be able to learn from you again in the future! Here are a few photos for you. I love what you did with the "leaf on the windowsill" - the feeling the texture gave to it is quite soft and romantic. My next step is to learn more about post processing and textures - I would love to be able to create the same magic that you can!

Thanks, Betsy

Hi Denise,

Thank you for an awesome weekend! Your presentation was fantastic and all of the feedback has been awesome! Beginners and advanced photographers alike enjoyed it! Your workshops both days were great too! Thank you so much!!!

Lisa Cuchara

Hi Denise,

I thought the weekend was just wonderful. I learned a lot, got some awesome shots, and just plain had a fantastic time. I can't thank you enough for all of the personal help you bestowed upon me. I'm sure each attendee felt the same, but I really felt it was one on one rather than a group event. Now I have material to draw from for a long time to come. It means so much to an advanced beginner like me to be able to work with and watch you work, listen to how you think and what you are looking at, and then teaching me how I can make my shots better. I received more than I could have imagined from the workshops.

So thank you for the weekend,

Margo Bury


Thank you for a wonderful workshop, I learned so much!  Denise, I have been on many workshops but  have never encountered a leader so passionate and giving as you.

Carol Rosenthal

This is the last day of the Death Valley workshop with the incredible Denise Ippolito. Death Valley is a spectacular location and I’m very glad I came. Denise, you are a fabulous teacher truly interested in helping your students advance their knowledge of photography and develop their personal vision. Many, many thanks. Theresa Bryson

Dear Denise, I am thrilled to receive a copy of your latest e-book so thank you very much.  It is the perfect indulgence to curl up with and enjoy a cup of coffee and know that at the same time I am learning and expanding my creative ideas.  Wow!

I enjoyed your Longwood workshop more than words can express.   Yes, I learned new techniques from observing you, both technically in the field and afterwards with post-processing in the class-room.  But ever since then, I continue to be challenged and inspired by concepts we learned from you, to practice our craft every day and to experiment creatively as well.  This lasting impression, I think, is the essence of a great class and a great teacher, which you are.  

As a bonus, one of the participants, Nima Marsh, and I have become photographic buddies.  Although we didn't know each other before, we've returned to Longwood to practice one workshop technique at a time.  We know, for example, how to check our histograms so we're NOT blowing out the reds!  Nima is as serious as I at wanting to improve and so it's been fun comparing notes.

I am looking forward to lining up my calendar and getting on your schedule for a future workshop!  Until then, please know how very grateful I am to have been a participant in your workshop and to receive your latest ebook.

Wishing you all the best! Pat Rhubottom


We loved everything about the trip.  Your guides are outstanding and went above & beyond expectations!  The pelicans were all we hoped they would be.  And you were the perfect leader and made us work hard and think about our images.  Everyone got along so well and we had lots of good conversation and laughs.  Many thanks for such a wonderful trip!

Nancy & Chuck

The Greece workshop was a fabulous trip with great people and outstanding guides and leader. Lori Moilanen


My head and heart are filled with the pelicans, the guides and other accommodating and committed people and new friends from Greece. It is now truly one of the more memorable trips and I cherish it. Thank you for being you and making this all possible for all of us. You are truly special.

Sue Eberhart


You images are magnificent. Thanks again for a fabulous workshop. I knew you had magical powers but to arrange your workshop at the peak of the spring blooming season was over the top.

Pam C.


Thanks for the great workshop. Your images are great. Thanks to you, everyone’s images were great at all of your fabulous shooting locations. I am a wildlife photographer, and everything you showed us about composition here (especially with tree/branch flows & lines) will really help me with my wildlife shots as I try to include more environment around my subjects.

Jim Fennessy

Thanks, Denise for a really excellent workshop. I have wanted to participate in your Charleston workshop for some time and it was everything I had hoped and more. I thought we had a great group. 

Scott Young

I took Denise’s Death Valley Workshop in January of this year, and I loved it! I learned a great deal about landscape photography and about the beautiful and diverse landscape of the Death Valley region. Denise is an upbeat and very approachable professional photographer and workshop leader.  She not only got us to the right places at the right time, but also helped us set up our shots, helped with settings, or whatever else we needed.  She also held a photo critique session where we had an opportunity to see some shots from the other members of our group, and also to learn some of Denise’s photo editing techniques. I learned a great deal from this workshop, and I highly recommend taking it. 

Sue Guy

Good Morning Denise,
Thanks so much for the incredible Bear Boat trip.  It was all I had hoped for and more.  The photo opportunities couldn't have been better and I learned so much from being with so many outstanding photographers.  You once again did a beautiful job of creating a welcoming, warm environment for all of us. I look forward to my next "Denise Adventure" , whatever that turns out to be. I hope you're getting some well deserved down time to hang out with your family.

Take care,
Linda Seal

Ridgewood Camera Club Meetup Group Speaking Engagement Kudos ~
"Fantastic", "Terrific", "Fabulous" are the words that are being used to describe yesterday"s event.
I just love it when speakers make me look like a hero.
I'm sure that Kudos will continue to pour in.

Excellent! The speakers were talented, informative and a pleasure to listen to. I felt inspired to go out and do some shooting.
Robert Matthews

Terrific!! Each presenter was outstanding. I learned a great deal from the presenters as well as the audience questions. The images shown were extraordinary. Fabulous program.
Fran Toepfer

The speakers were amazing. Wonderful photos with thorough explanations. Great tips for us to improve our photography.
Lori Henderson

I never would have thought someone could make such beautiful artistic photos moving the camera and still allowing viewers to recognize the subject of the image.
John Taranto

First class speakers...this event was really good and inspirational.
I can't wait to make the same kind of images, and for the next event.
Thanks Marty, Robert And Lisa for organizing this event.
Boris Hardouin

Dom Leone

FABULOUS. Marty you simply GREAT at this kind of thing.
Allan Schneider

Terrific program! Another job well-done by the organizers of Ridgewood Camera Club. Thank you for your efforts.
Mike Iuzzolino

All three speakers held your interest and were very informative in different ways. Well done!
Lisa Matthews

Informative, enjoyable, well organized - I look forward to your next such event.
Mark Lasser

Very informative and enjoyable
ginger white

The photos were great, truly beautiful and very well done. Their comments were right on! Very professional! Everyone there must have learned a great deal. Thanks for organizing!
Alyce Parseghian

The program was very enjoyable, informative and inspiring. The images that were shown by each presenter were Terrific! Thank you Marty and the organizers of the Ridgewood Camera Club for hosting such a Fabulous event!
Debra Wallace

Excellent Program. So glad I made the 2-1/2 drive from the quiet corner of CT to attend.
Steve Abbott

NY Weekend Seminar Kudos:

Hi Denise
Thank you so much! Your creativity, passion and enthusiasm inspire. Your ability and willingness to share your thought process, approach and technique stimulate folks to view and approach familiar subjects in new ways.
Thanks! Hope to see you soon!
Tom Pfeifer

Thank you so much Denise, for a wonderful weekend! It was great to meet you and I learned so much. Now time to put it to use...(easier said than done! :) )
Debbie Zilli

Denise - I just wanted to drop you a note and say how much I enjoyed meeting you and Artie and getting a glimpse into your extremely creative mind, your thought process and your workflow.
By the way I signed up for the B&H workshop on the hope that since it is just before the holidays I'll be able to sneak away from the office for a couple of hours.
Hope to see you then and thanks again for all the tips, tricks and wisdom.
Rachel Hollander

Hi Denise,
Mark Hendricks here. I wanted to thank you again for the amazing presentation that you put on. It was educational and inspiring and I gained so much from the experience. Your work is absolutely breathtaking and you've inspired me to look at flowers again. Florals were one of the first subjects I used to take photographs of but in the last few years most of my attention has been geared towards wildlife. And thank you again for the fun filled evening at dinner. Carolina and I had such a blast. And thanks for your invaluable input when looking at my images. We look forward to seeing you and Artie again one day.

Hi Denise ,
WOW, I am still trying to process all that we went over these past two days and feel SO incredibly lucky to have been able to attend your seminar! You both bring such positive energy, amazing insight and world wide experiene to share with those who participate in your workshops. I am just in awe at the amount of information that we covered these past two days and have already begun to review my notes while still fresh. Artie said on the first day that thankfully you hadn't built a business solely on the stock photography world, but EDUCATION….We are the lucky ones!! Attending your workshops is a must a for anyone who is inspired by photography ….Your passion for the art/craft is contagious and evident each minute of the time we were there You both compliment each others strengths and are downright superstars. I just loved these past two days and can't wait to put some of the new info and techniques to use. I am especially eager to play with some of the software….yes, C-S6 is downloaded already.
In addition, I am tickled too that i won a tripod!! Thank you and thanks to your generous sponsors for offering to give you these items. Denise, i have already put on the head that i won from the a Sunflower shoot….will be my go to for macro work! I am so glad to have met you both!! Thank you very much.
My very best,
Sherb Naulty

I just wanted to take a minute to say “Thank you very much for last weekend!” I had a great time, and I learned an awful lot. It was a nice way to spend my birthday weekend, and you topped it off nicely by picking my number for the Think Tank Airstream rolling bag door prize; it’s something I’ve been wanting badly! I just finished transcribing my notes from the seminar days and can’t believe how much new info I garnered. I am anxious to put it to use. The day spent in the field, despite the foggy and wet conditions, were a big help to me. I really appreciated the individual attention you both provided. You are both masters in the field and it was a privilege to be able to spend time with you. Thanks also for the great lunch on Monday! Wishing you both a wonderful holiday. I hope that our paths cross again in the future. Thanks again for Everything!
Sharon Hallowell

Dear  Denise, I attended your Staten Island seminar and really learned tons. Thank you both for sharing your knowledge. I also purchased Denise’s book and can’t wait to use some of the filters. I feel that I am well on my way to making better pictures. Thanks again!
Gerry Matteo

Denise, I wanted to thank you for a great weekend. I got a lot out of the two days of classes and the morning of shooting in Howard Beach was great despite the fog and rain. In just a weekend I learned so much that I would never have thought of by myself. It reinforced what I have read in Artie’s two books. Once again, thank you! I hope to see you both again soon.
Jeff Friedhoffer

Tampa Seminar Kudos:

This week I actually had to chance to practice what I had learned at the weekend seminar in Tampa/Brandon.
You  Denise have no idea how much I learned…but more importantly, how much I was inspired, during those two days…I genuinely can’t thank you two enough!
Thanks much!
Best regards,
Greg Clarkson

I did manage to get a good angle on the baby great horned owl at Fort Desoto yesterday. My thanks to you and Artie for a great weekend of learning.
Mark Jones

Thank you for an enjoyable and educational weekend. I always get a lot out of spending time around you Artie, and the addition of Denise's expertise with macros and blurs was wonderful to experience first hand. Denise was great about helping me in the field also.
I plan to work hard this year looking around all the time, really looking at a subject and understanding what is appealing to me about it, and to think before I just push that shutter button.
Thanks again for everything and hope to see both of you soon.
Aaron Chandler

Hi Denise
I want to thank you for a great photography weekend. Watching you demonstrate your creative blur techniques was just what I needed to get me thinking of various ways to “ jump in”.
I’m looking forward to trying these techniques on the interior of the Washington National Cathedral in DC. The stained glass reflections on the stone interior are already phenomenal. Our kids in DC accuse me of visiting them just so that I can go spend hours photographing the stunning views on a sunny day. Just think of how long I can get lost in there now!
Thanks again
Linda Sullivan

Hi Denise,
Many thanks to both you and Art for a wonderful seminar in Tampa.It is always a good sign when you wish that it would have gone on for a couple of days longer.So much to learn.
Have a great trip to Holland and good shooting to you both.
Best Wishes,
Bill Eaton

Dear  Denise,
I wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed the photo seminar this weekend. I picked up a lot of new information and was reminded of some techniques I haven't used in a while. I especially enjoyed the session on blurs. I've done macro but have never been fond of it. Now I'm truly inspired to get out the dusty (I hope not literally!) lens and try out some of the creative ideas presented by Denise.
I also appreciated the Lowepro Bag I got as a door prize. Please extend my thanks to whoever donated it.
I hope to have the opportunity some day to travel with both of you.
All the best,
Arla Altman

hey Denise :
THANK YOU for a wonderful, interesting, and informative weekend! One can see how much work went into your presentation, even though you do this often, and your team work is impressive. I took a whole notebook full of notes and, although I have been doing photography for many years, found many things you said valuable. I also really appreciate your comments and suggestions considering my impending camera upgrade - and your picture critiques.
Every moment spent was worthwhile to me...........and I don’t want to neglect saying how much I enjoyed the opportunity to see all those wonderful images. Just want to throw in one more thing : two years ago at BirdFest Artie gave a talk that included tips for cleaning up an image.......and I am still appreciating what I learned then. And Denise, as you know, your work really “speaks to me”.........I love your style!
As a bonus, I met some incredibly interesting people who were fellow class participants. I ended up having dinner with a poet/writer, lunch with a Nasa science engineer, meeting a near [within 20 miles] neighbor with whom I intend to shoot, and that is just scratching the surface.
Hope tomorrow at DeSota is a great day........it’s supposed to be sunny!
patsy hall

I wanted to thank both you and Denise for a great seminar. I certainly learned a lot and I enjoyed the stories! It was well worth both the time and money when you have two instructors so eager to share their knowledge with others.
Trygve Anderson
PS I never win anything so it was surreal and a great bonus to get one of the goodies!

“The classroom sessions with you were excellent! I really learned a lot about proper exposure and it’s already made big difference in my success rate shooting birds. The field session at Ft. Desoto park was awesome. We had great opportunities with a lot of cooperative birds, and it was a special treat to have that very tame long-billed curlew parading around—that’s a new bird for my life list, and I got some great images.
However, the single thing that was most useful to me was watching you review and edit your images during the lunch after the field trip. I’d already had a chance to do a quick review of what I’d shot in the morning, and I thought I’d done pretty well. But then as we watched you run through what you’d shot that morning, it was more than a bit deflating! Virtually all of your stuff was better than my stuff, and it was mostly because I hadn’t fully followed through on what you’d taught in class: I lowered my tripod to get low as you showed us in class, but while shooting the same bird, you were lying on your belly in the sand. I stayed cleaner, but you got better shots. After seeing exactly what you had captured in the same situation, it really drove home what you’d been preaching.
Thanks again, the classroom sessions followed by the field trip made a great combo, and being able to compare what I shot to what you got when we were in the same place at the same time was INVALUABLE.”
Chuck Murphy

Hi Denise
I was at the Tampa seminar and was thrilled to meet both you and Artie. Learned so much from the both of you. Thank you for your inspiration and sharing what you have learned. I would like if possible to know the exact set of your tripod. I saw your list of gear but not sure what is on your tripod. I like the way it moves around so easily.
Thank you
Linda Oneill

Flower Photography Weekend Seminar/Workshop Kudos:

I slipped out yesterday a little before the class ended and before I could get a chance to say how much I LOVED Friday and Saturday's class. It was an outstanding experience and I learned so much and got a chance to try out some new shooting ideas. Your coaches were excellent, you were very organized and shared your beautiful vision so well. I am looking forward to more opportunities to share and learn from you. Thank you so very much.
Sue Harvey Eberhart

Thanks for yesterday! I learned a lot and I think you did a terrific job. I can't wait to spend time with you in France!!!
Nancylee Cranmer Mudd

Your seminar today was fantastic!!!! You have so much energy and are so creative...thanks for all the help...will have to do more flower photography with you...thank you so much!
Nancy Thorington

A big shout out to Denise Ippolito who did a fantastic job today teaching an enthusiastic AND lively! group of photographers! A well deserved night of chilling out I hope is on her docket. Thank you for allowing me to be a "helper." And I did learn a few new things along the way. :-)
Kate M Ryan

Got great value from Saturday.Thanks.
Frank Kirshenbaum

Thank you for the great day. You have beautiful work.
I wish a little of your talent would rub off on me. I do think what you do is more of a a result of your innate artistic talent !!! Of course having the technical knowledge is a plus.
I did learn a lot today so thanks again.
Danielle D'Ermo

Hi Denise,
Thanks for a great seminar! I really learned a lot about Photoshop and the various creative plug ins (which was my primary reason for signing up)!
Denise Molzahn

Thank you so much for a great workshop. I learned a lot from you and the other instructors because you pushed me to try some new techniques. I have checked your W/S schedule and will try to find one that fits my calendar and budget.
John Monroe

Hi Denise!
I hope you are recovering today from the high energy of the week-end. You give so much!
I had a dinner engagement with my Maryland family and a drive to get there, and consequently left the workshop as soon as we ended. I do want to thank you for a great presentation; your creativity inspires new ideas and techniques, and I very much appreciated being a part of the workshop. It was GREAT!!
I was also delighted that my friends Tom and Lisa assisted you; they are extremely talented as well, and two of the best teachers I know. They tell me that you, Tony Sweet and John Barclay (an old friend), may be coming to Connecticut this summer! That will be amazing I am sure!
Many, many thanks for all you give and do!
My Best,
Barbara Vietzke