Bird Photography - The Art of the Composition

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Bird Photography - The Art of the Composition


This is not a book on exposure or gear but rather, a guide to composing for birds.  I have never conformed to many of the compositional rules, as they were just not pleasing to my eye. I decided to put together a culmination of compositional thoughts that have served me well over the years and that appeal to the artist inside of me. Adhering to my own guidelines has helped me win two Categories in the prestigious Windland Smith Rice Nature's Best International Competition.

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Table of Contents


Part I- Getting Started


   My Thoughts on Gear

   Cameras, Lenses

   Tripods & Heads


   Getting Close

Part II- Settings

   RAW or JPEG? 

   Exposure & Histograms

   White Balance

   Aperture and Portraits

   Shutter Speeds and Flight Photography


   Focus Points

Part III-Composition


   Other Elements

   Choosing the Best Subjects

   Head Angle

   Rule of Thirds

   Head Shots

   Reflections and Shadows

   Bird in Heaven Technique


   Perch Size Matters

   Nest Shots-Murphy’s Law


   Small in the Frame ~ Minimalistic

   Adults with Chicks



   Behavior Shots

   Composing for Flight

   Vertical Flight Shots

   Wing Positions

   Action Shots

   Resting Poses

   Preening Poses

   Multiple Birds

   Feather Detail Abstracts

   Unique Compositions

Part IV- Lighting

   Sun Angle/Wind Angle

   Backlight & Sidelight


   High Key

   Photographing in the Snow

   Low Light & Intentional Blurs

Part V– Finishing Touches

   Image Sizing & File Handling

   JPEG Sharpening

  Noise Reduction

  Cloning on a Layer

  Inverse Layer Mask

  Remove the Blue from a Shadow

  Contrast Mask

  Final Thoughts, My Gear, My Bio, Acknowledgements