A Guide to Creative Blurs

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Guide-to-Creative-Blurs (2).jpg

A Guide to Creative Blurs


In this guide I share a lot more techniques for capturing blurs, including multiple exposures and also post processing blurs. This eBook was carefully edited by Carol Carson, Carol did a wonderful job culling through the pages; making this one of my absolute favorite eBooks of all times. If you enjoy creating artistically blurred images then this eBook will appeal to you.

In addition to the varied types of blurs that I cover in the eBook listed below, I also cover the factors that contribute to the degree of blurring and I will teach you to recognize situations where subject movement can be used to your advantage. There is also a large section devoted to my Photoshop techniques for crafting pleasing blurs. This PDF eBook contains over 12,446 words and 150 pages filled with inspiring new images. $24.00

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What's inside...

In-Camera Blurs
Camera Movement
• Pan Blurs
• Impressionistic Blurs
• Free-Form Blurs
• Zoom Blurs
• Zoom/Rotate Blurs
• Defocused Blurs
Subject Movement
• Wildlife Blurs
• Moving Water Blurs
• Wind Blurs
• Bird Blast-offs
Combination of Camera Movement and Subject Movement
Multiple Exposures
• Camera Movement
• Soft/Sharp
Quick Note: Image Overlay
Photoshop Blurs
Quick Note: Sharpening Blurs
Motion Blurs I: Adding Blur to an Image
Motion Blurs II: Cleaning Up an Edge
Zoom Blurs
Pinch and Twirl Blurs
Combination Zoom/Twirl/Pinch Blurs
Stacked Layer Blurs I: Basic Softness
Quick Note: Lightpad
Quick Note: How to Create a Photoshop Action
Stacked Layer Blurs II: Warp and Pinch
Composite Blurs I: Soft/Sharp
Quick Note: How to Prep an Image Before Blurring It
Composite Blurs II: Smoothing Water
Quick Note: JPEG Sharpening