The Creative Art of Photography

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Creative Art of Phtography.jpg

The Creative Art of Photography


What's inside? Lots of stuff that I have written about on my blog, lots of techniques that I teach at my workshops, but mostly how and why I approach creative photography. Below in the table of contents you will see a section for in-camera blurs, this eBook does not cover everything that you need to know about blurs as I already wrote that book "A Guide to Creative Blurs" but it does give you ideas and helps to get you started. In-fact if you own all of my previous eBooks you will probably not need this one as there is a lot of overlap--but I hope it will give you just the right amount of inspiration.

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Table of Contents
Part I ~ Getting Started</strong>
Finding Inspiration & Finding Time
Artist Statement
Defining Fine-art Photography
        Dramatic Lighting
        Black & White
        High Key
        Compelling Eyes
        Weather and Water Elements
        Slow Motion
Part II ~ Personal Style
Creating Your Own Style
       Color Choices
       Creative Processing
       Your Signature
How to Create a Signature Brush
Part III ~ In-Camera Creativity </strong>
In Camera Blurs
        Pan Blurs
        Impressionistic Blurs
        Free-Form Blurs
        Zoom Blurs
        Moving Water, Wind and Subject Blurs
        Multiple Exposures
        Backlight, Rim Light & Sidelight
        Fog, Mist or Snow
        High Key
Compositional Effects
        Negative Space
        Creating Visual Lines
Subject in Heaven Look
        Use of Shadows
Patterns & Abstracts
Part IV ~ Post Processing Effects</strong>
General Workflow
        Subject in Heaven Look-Post-Processing
        Adding Reflections
        Zoom Blur
        Warp Tool
        Pinch Filter
Crystal Ball & Mini World Effect
Single Image Multiple Exposure Effect & Setting Up an Action
Lighting Effects
        B&W Conversions
        Dramatic Lighting
        Prepping an Image for Texturing
        Creating a Texture Overlay from an Existing Image
Part V~ Workflow</strong>
       Lightroom Quick Tips
       Blending Exposures in Photoshop
       Converting and Processing Infrared Images
       Focus Stacking in Photoshop
Part VI ~ Finishing Touches</strong>
     Image Sizing & File Handling
     JPEG Sharpening
     Noise Reduction
     Cloning on a Layer
     Inverse Layer Mask
     Monitor Calibration Strip
     Final Thoughts & Acknowledgment