Jaxson's Journey Continues


I want to thank all of you that have reached out and asked how Jaxson is doing. I also want to update you all-it’s easier for me to answer everyone’s questions here, rather than individually. I am not trying to devalue your concerns, just trying to keep up with my crazy busy life. For those of you that are not familiar with my sweet young grandson, you can catch up here.

On April 22nd, my daughter will be taking Jaxson back to St. Louis for a follow-up visit with his surgeon Dr. Park. This past August, we were told by his doctor that Jaxson needed to start the transition from his walker to hand canes. He has been working diligently with the canes; first with three pong canes and now transitioning to single prong canes.

Each advancement has been monumental and extremely arduous. This young boy has one therapy after another. In addition, he has to practice with his canes daily. It sometimes feels like a chore to him and my heart breaks but he is quick to turn it around when he pictures Dr. Park’s face when he see’s him walking.

Jaxson sees a private tutor once a week for reading. He also has strength training sessions with a private trainer. With everything that he has going on, he and his family still find time to schedule play dates, see his brother play T-ball, go to the park, movies and play video games.

In school Jaxson is doing really well; he seems to have a lot of friends and his cousin is even in his class. His grades are good and he is boasting straight 100”s in all of his math tests! He’s so proud—and so are we. I can’t tell you how infectious his smile is. Everywhere he goes he makes friends. People truly care about him. He is a rock star and my fingers are crossed that Dr. Park will fall off his chair when he sees how well Jaxson is doing with his canes.

hugs, denise