Bird Blast-offs

Years ago I saw a softly blurred image of a flower blowing in the wind. It inspired me to seek out the method in which I could create that kind of art from my camera. I had no idea how to do it but it soon became something that I was determined to teach myself. And I did. I worked hard and just when I thought I had done everything I could, I found that there was even more to explore with this blurring technique. I was hooked!


Bird blast-offs were one of the things that intrigued me about blurs. I experimented with just about everything, moving the camera, holding it still, slowing down my shutter speed to ridiculous speeds, you name it.  I listened to naysayers; I heard just about every negative comment out there. But that just made me even more hooked! I don’t like when others try to infuse their thoughts into mine--that is not what I am trying to do with my art. I want my images to reflect my own personal style.


To this day, even after writing two eBooks on creating blur images in-camera; I am still experimenting every single time I am in the field. I enjoy the challenge of not knowing exactly what I will come up with. It is potluck most of the time but when you get that one that stands out or makes your heart sing—you are hooked.
Join the experiment- Learn some of my techniques to get you started on your own journey. My newest eBook “A Guide to Creative Blurs”, available only through A Creative Adventure has all of my latest tips for capturing and processing pleasingly blurred images.