Death Valley Group II

I am getting packed up to leave Death Valley NP after back to back workshops here. It has been a unique visit with all of the government shut downs and road closures. My friend Michael and I were forced to scout new “photo areas” during the afternoon between shoots. I say “photo areas” because while some places are beautiful to look at or are nice to see they may not make a great photo or even be a place to bring a group, there are lots of things to consider… As the days went on, more and more closures were happening and we needed to fill in our regular schedule with new areas that would work for either a sunset or sunrise shoot or even to fill in between. I am delighted to say that these road closures forced us to dig deeper to find new spots to get the group to. These images below reflect some of the new areas that will be added to next year’s trip and some of the photos that I captured during our regular program photo shoots.

When I get home I will need to start packing for my Greece trip. I am extremely excited to see old friends and photograph the beautiful Dalmatian Pelicans at Lake Kerkini!