Two Canadians-Eh!

Laurie Thomson

Image copyright Laurie Thomson - “Early Morning Run”

Image copyright Laurie Thomson - “Early Morning Run”

Two years ago Laurie Thomson attended one of my Camargue/Provence workshops. I am delighted to announce that her high-key capture titled “Early Morning Run” won an honorable mention in a CAPA competition in Canada this May . It was an annual individual competition with the topic reflections. HERE IS THE LINK..

Laurie has been on several of my workshops and tours. Her fun spirit keeps everyone on their toes. Laurie is an exceptional horse photographer and enjoys her time with her camera, travelling the world in search of that special shot.

On Laurie’s website (link below) she displays her prints in a variety of tastefully decorated rooms and the prints on the walls are hers! Very clever and creative!

Laurie’s website

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Focus On Frogs

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