Greetings From Greece!

My Dalmatian Pelican Photo Workshop is coming to a close. I had the very best group of talented, hard working photographers ever and we were blessed with excellent conditions. Our guides were fantastic-as always! We had many different photographic situations, as well as lighting conditons that allowed us to create a nice variety of work. On one of our days we took a trip to Bulgaria and had a beautiful lunch at a very nice, quaint restaurant; BTW, the cappucino was delish and I had two cups!

We spent time at Lake Kerkini, photographing from both the shore and from small fishing boats. We worked on pleasing blurs, fisheye images, flight shots, portraits and so much more--it was sheer overload. On our only rainy afternoon we spent time doing image review, Photoshop, texturing, slide programs and a processing jam session.

Below are a few of my faves from the trip. I hope you enjoy viewing them as much as I enjoyed captruing them. Click on the images for more info and to see a larger version. I’ll be sharing more as time permits.