Ilana Block wins with Africa Photos

A huge CONGRATULATIONS to Ilana Block from Canada. Her images shown below are three of four that won the gold medal in CAPA's (Canadian Association of Photographic Art) Nature Competition. Please click on each image and scroll over it to read what she has said about each.

I first met Ilana when I did a 3 day program for the Montreal Camera Club back in 2016. Along with Ilana I met Sylvia Rourke and John Zimmerman (who sponsored my program), both had images that contributed to Canada’s winning placement. Ilana is a sweet compassionate photographer with a deep love for nature. Her passion and commitment to her craft will serve her well in this field. Ilana will be returning to the Mara with us in 2021.

From Ilana:

These images were made on the BEST photographic journey I have ever been on; my trip to Kenya with Denise Ippolito and Paul McKenzie. I learned so much, was so overwhelmed by all the animals and by the beauty of the place, had so much fun with the people on the trip, and was very pleased with the epic photo opportunities that we had! What an incredible trip!

Her Bio:

Ilana Block is a Naturopathic Doctor and Wildlife Photographer living in Montreal, Canada. She loves to travel, to be out in nature, to discover new places and get to know new birds and other animals, meet great people and share her love of photography. She has been exhibiting at local cafés, an art gallery, local universities, has permanent collections in a couple of hospitals and also had an exhibit in Paris. She has been selling her images over the past few years. Check out her website-