Norway Trip Report

I am finishing up with my group in Norway. Our trip was based around aurora and snow covered mountains. We had only 2 shooting sessions with the aurora as weather would have it. Even though the trip was not filled with aurora skies, we did have some gorgeous landscapes and photo opportunities. We may have one more chance tonight…fingers crossed!

Our accomodations were small red cabins that had a central living room/kitchen combo with fireplace. Each bedroom had an ensuite bath. We had two drivers/guides with us at all times, and we travelled in two large vans. The roads here were icy and snowy and you had better be a good driver to attempt driving here as the roads are also very curvy and narrow.

We didn’t have a lot of dinner options as many of the restaurants close early due to lack of business. However, our lunches/brunches rocked; each one being unique and flavorful. We also did our share of shopping as most of the stores had beautiful woolen goods.

The temperatures here in Norway were always cold but most times they were bearable; with the exception of a few outings where we had bone chilling cold.

On our first morning we went to Hamnoy, Lofoten Islands to photograph in the pre-dawn so that we could capture the play on the blue tones and warm lights emitted from the small red houses in the iconic fishing village. We revisited it in hopes of a great sunrise.

We also photographed ice trimmed fjords and beaches as well as other small fishing villages. Our group was truly great, everyone got along beautifully and that made the trip even more fun. Below is a sampling of what we photographed during the tour.; for most of them I showed two versions from each location. I have many more images to sort through—just no time.