Wildlife Photographic Magazine -article and cover shot-congrats Jim Fennessy

My longtime friend and new client Jim Fennessy won an honorable mention award from the National Wildlife Federation with the bear image (on the right below). He also has a different bear image (on the left below) featured as the cover photo for Wildlife Photographic, his article about his bear experience has also been published in that article. Huge congrats and so proud of my friend!!! Below in Jim’s words are how to access a free copy of his article ( I copied it from his Facebook page). To see more of his work, check out his new website.

Several of my other clients have won awards in this competition and other competitions, if you would like me to share your image and story and you were on one of my workshops when you captured the shot-I would be very pleased to share with my readers.

And now from Jim…

My Brown Bear image is the cover of this month's Wildlife Photographic Magazine ("WP"). My article on Coastal Brown Bear photography is also included, starting on page 14. This bear workshop was my introduction to real wildlife photography, and the workshop was as good as it gets. There is a link at the end of the article to this bear workshop, and other great workshops, from my workshop leaderDenise Ippolito
WP is published for viewing on an IPAD or Android tablet. Unfortunately, it only works on tablets, and cannot be downloaded to a PC. It will work on a mobile phone, but the articles read much better on a tablet. WP was generous enough to allow me to share my publication, and 3 months free membership to WP, with my friends. The publication is great, and I highly recommend it. To view my article and get this 3 month free subscription to WP for your IPAD or tablet, just follow these directions:
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